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Sam's Gourmet Lasagna features three unique and smart takes on the classic dish, each one fully satisfying but without the dish's notoriously high-calorie, over-filling and bloated reaction many people suffer after heavy dishes — and the weight gain, increased cholesterol and other health maladies that go with a heavy diet. Instead, while Sam's has all the best ingredients lasagna lovers expect in the classic dish, founder Samantha Kendall's secret is simply rationing the portions and including healthier cheeses, leaner meats and plenty of vegetables so that each serving is a full balanced meal of protein, carbohydrate and fiber — also known as the browns, yellows and greens.

Our three choices,
• Gourmet Chicken
• Turkey
• Vegetable
each include great protein sources of creamy, delicious low-fat cheeses, as well as a nutritious blend of delicious vegetables including sautéed spinach, steamed broccoli, juicy orange and yellow bell peppers and succulent squash. All these hearty choices are thoughtfully sandwiched between Sam's hearty pasta sheets and herb-infused upgrades of the traditional marinara and meat-sauces.

Perfect for hectic moms, big families, romantic dinners or busy singles, Sam's Gourmet Lasagna lasts up to 8 weeks frozen and tastes fresh straight out of the oven or the microwave. Consistent yet convenient, Sam's never compromises flavor and nutrition for expediency or mass-production. That homemade, right-at-the-dinner table taste makes Sam's Gourmet Lasagna like no other pre-packaged, entrée you'll find at the market.